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29th July 2014

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you will suffer for Our pleasure, 
and for no other reason. 
I will delight in the look in her eyes, 
as she makes your body tremble and shake. 
I will watch as she laughs at your pain. 
When you cry out for mercy, 
she will look to Me, 
I will shake My head, 
and she will smile in delight. 
It is that delight, 
from your suffering, 
that I will drink on that night. 

I miss co-topping. When in a good groove, it’s amazing how much more intense two tops are.


you will suffer for Our pleasure, 

and for no other reason. 

I will delight in the look in her eyes, 

as she makes your body tremble and shake. 

I will watch as she laughs at your pain. 

When you cry out for mercy, 

she will look to Me, 

I will shake My head, 

and she will smile in delight. 

It is that delight, 

from your suffering, 

that I will drink on that night. 

I miss co-topping. When in a good groove, it’s amazing how much more intense two tops are.

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29th July 2014

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The Magic Hands

This make me smile

Mmmf. I’ve been wanting to see a translation of this one for a long time. So few ticklers and tickle machines tickle from under the clothes. There’s something so cute, sensual, and erotic about someone being made to squirm, laugh, and feel good while still fully clothed. And that she only loses her underwear in the end just makes it so sweet and hot, especially with that panel of the two hands rubbing some lotion together. I need a Magic Hand <3

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28th July 2014

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Commie bastard, this one’s for you:


I am thinking of many topics to write about.  However, as I have to leave to go to my sir’s house in 90 minutes AND I am trying to refrain from this post spanning 1,000 topics in as many pages, I will try to focus on only one (maybe two if the first one is short or I somehow instantaneously learn to give up my perfectionism and write quickly).  Currently, my goal is to start posting more frequently, hopefully once a week.  However, to do this, I will probably have to start actually scheduling a specific time each week to write, and I have never been a person to stick to a deadline.  (If you can’t tell, since I was supposed to have this post written a good week or two ago.  Whoops.)

So anyway, don’t hold your breath or me accountable or anything, as I tend to disappoint in matters such as these.  Make of that what you will.

Also, as I believe we should keep track of such matters, as of today I have been denied from having an orgasm for five weeks.



(And y’all wonder why my writing gets so unfocused?)

Not only that, but my sir refuses to tell me what exactly I have to do to be able to finally cum again.  He says he knows, but I just have to figure it out.

I am playing a game to which I don’t know the rules.  The person running the game says he knows but refuses to tell me.  AND since I do not know the rules, he could change them at any time to make this more challenging for me, and I would never know.  (I trust him not to do this, but I’m just putting it out there as a possibility.)

Does that sound fair to you?

Hell no!  As I’ve been told, though, “fairness” does not matter here.

It’s like playing a made-up game with a four-year-old.  Every time you get close to winning, he changes the rules and down the chute you go.  

Yeah, I just equated my sir to a preschooler:  whatcha gonna do?

Damn, I have an attitude today. (FIVE.  WEEKS.)

Anyway, so last Thursday my sir told me that at the rate I’m going, it will probably be at least another month before I will earn permission to cum again.

(Did I mention that he told me this only after the most intense teasing session I’ve ever endured?  Bastard.  (Yes, I have a flair for the dramatic today.)(More on this teasing at a later date.))

(I’m using an obscenely excessive amount of parentheses in this post.)

(Have you ever noticed that parentheses together kind of look like a vagina?:  ()  (Maybe that’s just me in an extreme state of arousal, though.)

This is my vagina right now:  (;)  Damn, that was supposed to look like my pussy juices dripping out of my vagina.  Graphic arts is not my forte.))

(I’ve lost track of how many parentheses I’ve left open at this point, so:  ))))).  There, that should compensate.)

(Remember how I said this was going to be a focused post?  Guess that went out the window.  This would be due to the fact that writing about these events just turns me on more, which leads to me thinking about parenthetic vaginas instead of whatever the hell I was actually talking about.)

(Oh, yeah, my denial.  That makes sense.)

So about a week ago, I had spent a good majority of my day edging and was feeling very needy.  I told my sir I could not stop edging, and he told me that I better get over it fairly quickly because, as he said, “You know that at some point before this is all over I’m going to make you go on no-touch again, right?”.

Nooooo.  (I have already discussed my beefs with no-touch in an earlier post, so I won’t go into them again (if you want to hear about it you can read my earlier posts), but suffice it to say that I would rather not be allowed to cum for the rest of my life than be on no-touch for a couple weeks.  Okay, okay that’s not true.  (Sir, if you’re reading this, I said that is NOT true!)  However, I am ruing the day I flip whatever switch there is to make me go on no-touch again.  Especially since femsubdenial sent us this “fun” little activity for me to do when I am on no-touch again.  No spoilers, though.  You’ll find out about it when we get there.)

So, I do have to put this in here:  my sir did give me a hint about what I have to do to be able to cum again.  He said it has something to do with my tumblr posts (he’s really helpful, I know).  However, he did not inform me exactly what I have to do with my tumblr to earn this privilege, so I’m still pretty much in the dark.  My guess is I have to write so many posts before I am allowed to cum again (Since I have taken so long to write again, my sir said I must enjoy not cumming.  He might be a little right.  Shhh……  :-p ).  However, I could be wrong.  Instead, maybe I have to get so many notes on my posts?  Maybe I have to get so many followers (I’m currently at 179.)?  Who in the hell can predict the rules of a four-year-old?

Yeah, I went there again.  And I just realized how creepy that sounds when you really think about it, so I’m gonna stop using that particular analogy right now.

My problem is, I don’t know at what point I’m going to flip the switch to put me on no-touch again, but I know I’m going to have to do that if I am going to be able to cum ever again.  

(Did I mention how much I hate no-touch?  I did.  Oh, okay.)

Hell, this very post could be the one.

I feel like I am trying to dismantle a bomb without blowing myself up.  (Or maybe with blowing myself up, as the case may be.)  Ooooh, explosions…do you know how difficult the Fourth of July was for me?

I just want to go on record for saying that if you don’t find explosions sexy, you are un-American.  You Commie bastard, you.

(P.S.~I didn’t even get to the topic I had planned for today.  Damn sex-riddled mind (and Commie bastards).  Oh well, maybe I will write another post later this week.  Don’t hold me to that, though.)

Bwahahahaaaa! Your sir’s got a keeper, even if you do compare him to a four year old.

Your text art made me burst out loud in laughter. XD

I hope you keep writing like this. I like the stream-of-consciousness type of writing, it feels more… naked.and intimate, and takes guts to do it, I think.

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28th July 2014

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Anonymous said: Hi, I wanted to ask your opinion on something. Whenever I masturbate, and even if I only do a few edges before I cum, I can make myself orgasm two or three times with no problem, and in a span of about five minutes. I don't get oversensitive for more than maybe five seconds after the orgasms, and on one occassion I even gave myself four and thought I could definitely go for a fifth, but decided against it. I've also noticed each orgasm is less strong than the previous. What do you make of this?

If a possible play partner were to tell me that, I’d smile and say “we can work with that.”

Everything you’ve said sounds normal… and pretty much the opposite of everything you’ve said sounds normal, too.  People vary that much.Well, the fact that you can cum often and fairly quickly does sound pretty rare, but I’d call that a good thing, assuming you’re not a guy.  (hmmm… actually, a multi-orgasmic guy is probably a good thing, too. ;-) )

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28th July 2014

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28th July 2014

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simplepieceoffuckmeat said: Hi there! I love your posts and how knowledgeable you are, and I'm hoping you can help me. Do you know of any effective hypnosis files, aimed at women and available for free, to help with increasing arousal / edging activities? I need something that does not require someone else to participate or release me from its effects though. Thanks so much!!

Hmmm… none come to mind.  Most of them are for men, or are about becoming a more submissive slut for someone.  You could look at files, filter by straight women and sort by popularity or rating (descending) to find ones others have liked and see what appeals to you?  (btw, you must complete a free registration to download anything.)

You could try my hypnosis file as well.  Admittedly only a few have said it put them in trance but many enjoyed it anyway.

Are there any effects you’re looking for?  How do you want to feel afterwards?

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28th July 2014

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How to Tie "Flogging Cuffs" - © KnottyBoys

This should come in handy…

This is very comfy! This does tighten (and easily loosen) around the top part but that’s on purpose, it’s how the tension gets distributed throughout the hand. Using a cats-paw around the wrist, it shouldn’t-but-theoretically-can tighten around the wrist. For flogging, this if fine, there isn’t a lot of struggling/wriggling. For heavy tickling, I imagine it’d also be fine & comfy as long as the bottom communicates and the top checks in.

This, the catspaw (steps 1, 2, & 3 of this tie, for a really quick-n-dirty tie), the somerville bowline, are great knots for hands and feet… and when tying the rope to the bedposts, the taut-line hitch is my favorite.

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28th July 2014

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inspired by gaymommy

because having morals and self-respect are not mutually exclusive to loving your body and being proud enough to show it off.

Haha that’s awesome :P


I believe her about the morals and she’s right about the boobs!

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27th July 2014

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I haven’t been able to update as much as I would like. So here ya go.


Day 3   Thursday

In the beginning edging was misery. All I wanted was to cum, I was constantly soaked thinking about being able to have a release. When I would reach the edge I felt as if I would break down. I did break down a few times. I broke down and lost it. Keep in mind, I am not owned. I own myself, I am responsible for doing this to myself. This is what made me lose it the most. How am I so incredibly fucked up that I would do this to myself??! I can cum anytime I want… but I won’t.. and why? Because I promised a bunch of strangers on tumblr? It made no sense to me, and I lost it. As I was crying I started doing the math. At the time there were 11 days left. The lowest possible number of edges each day was 6… I would have to do as many as 66 more edges. With a possibility of doing as many as 198!! I really started crying hard. I couldn’t do it.. There’s no possible way.. 

Day 4 

The next day things were different. Edging was more difficult. Stopping was becoming harder and harder. Each time I edged, I didn’t think I would stop. I would literally have to grab my own hand and rip it away at the last second. My hips were still grinding against the air and my fingers were still making the motions. Sometimes I would start rubbing my legs or stomach with my fingers.. I’m not sure why, but it’s almost as if I just couldn’t stop them, I needed to feel them somewhere even if it wasn’t my clit. It doesn’t make much sense to me. But I would be left… lying there, wanting. Knowing that if I had just waited one more second I would lying in a puddle of my own juices, left in a euphoric state from finally allowing my body what it craved, what it needed. I would not cry though. I thought back to how I had broken down the day before. I refused to break down again. 

I was so incredibly sore by night’s end. My body hurt, my head hurt, everything. I had had enough and it took everything I had to get through my last edge. I wanted so badly to quit, had it not been for some extremely encouraging friends I probably would have.

Day 5

I’m enjoying the edging. I look forward to the next time I edge. No, it is not fun when I have to stop… but it’s… a bit more normal at this point. A part of me loves it. I love it because is teaching me to embrace my kinks and has taken me to deeper darker levels than I even knew were possible.

I had recently spoken with a friend about how frightened I was by the thought of being fisted and how I would never in the world allow something like that to be done to me. I don’t judge anyone who likes being fisted and if they get off on that well, good for them, but it just wasn’t for me. Today though, I was talking with a friend whilst edging. He mentioned being fisted and I instantly got wet. The more we spoke the more desperate I was to experience it. Afterwards I thought back and was proud. Being fisted wasn’t even close to the most depraved thing that I thought of during this conversation. But its the only one that I am comfortable talking about with you all at this moment. Not posting it on tumblr means nothing though, I enjoyed my depravity and I can’t wait to go there again. I have so many deep, dark, and humiliating thoughts, all courtesy of edging. I am proud of myself for being able to go there and I look forward to every edging session.

This was written yesterday, but due to my brain not quite working I had to hold until today to edit it a bit. 

Good job! I’m looking forward to reading how this progresses!

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27th July 2014

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Anonymous said: Links to tag if you have any stories? Like reblogged here

Hi there!  Thanks for asking!

I reblog using a tag of #erotica, and for very short text “snapshots” I use an #images tag (named after Suki and her images).

I also have a running tag called #FemSubDenial House Mouth that are images about a woman who requested a role of oral servitude to her housemates.

If you’re looking for something specific, you’re welcome to try my “Tags / Categories” page which describes a few of my tags and then has a live tag cloud of my more-used topic-based tags (depending on your browser).

Let me know if you have any more questions!

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