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17th June 2013

Question with 4 notes

lux-luthor-deactivated20140520 said: Ahhhh edging is so hard for me! Not sure if it's because I'm a squirter or not :( Help?

My definition of an edge is as close as you can get to orgasm without going over, but not closer. It’s not a specific feeling, and it’s different from person to person, minute to minute. The point at which you’ll cum varies… what doesn’t do much at all might soon be enough to set you off… and if you still don’t cum then it might become even harder to reach an edge… edging is chasing a roller coaster sometimes. :-)

Try getting a safe distance from an edge, and then halve that distance, then halve it again, and again, until you’re close but at a safe distance, and call that your edge. As you get more experienced, you might be able to edge even more closely but start where you’re at.

I don’t think squirting has much to do with it… hmmm… sounds like a fun scientific experiment is in order. :-)

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